Fix EZ

Named for its truly easy installation, the ETL Listed Fix-EZ is an affordable ballasted roof mount solution.

Fix-EZ Ballasted Roof Mount

Multifunctional Components Optimize Efficiency

Concrete blocks act as ballast weight as well as system support. Module mounting rails support modules and act as windbreak with Rapid2+ module clamps securely holding modules in place while bonding/grounding them to the system. Engineered to be 100% IBC code compliant, the ETL Listed Fix-EZ reduces the number of components and system cost without compromising design integrity.

System Benefits

  • Now an ETL Listed system*
  • Various module tilts available based on module dimensions and orientation
  • Wind tunnel tested for low ballast
  • Integrated grounding with ETL Listed Rapid2+ module clamps
  • Includes mounting system and ballast blocks
  • Designed for modules in a single row configuration either in portrait or landscape
Fix-EZ Roof Mounting System

Extremely quick to install

Quick Installation

Ballasts to Modules in Four Easy Steps

  1. Place ballast block
  2. Bolt L-Foot connector to ballast block
  3. Tighten module-bearing rails to L-Foot assembly
  4. Secure modules to rails with Schletter Rapid2+ Grounding Module Clamps

Integrated Ballast Reduces System Cost

Unique to the Fix-EZ system are durable ballast blocks equipped with threaded steel inserts, securely connecting system and ballast. An L-Foot, which is pre-assembled with a KlickTop™ connector, attaches directly to the ballast block, further simplifying installation. Depending on design requirements, ballasts can span up to ten feet, greatly reducing roof loads.

*Grounding & Bonding Equipment (UL 467 and CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 41), identified with ETL Listed Mark. See Intertek© ETL Listed Directory for more information.

Fix-EZ Integrated Ballast

Ideal for Commercial Installations

What to expect from Schletter

  • Full in-house engineering services
  • 20 year limited warranty on aluminum systems
  • 100% IBC 2006, 2009, 2012 code compliant systems, with PE wet stamps available in most states


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