Helios 3D


Looking for a robust tool for PV plant design and engineering?

Complete Days Worth of Solar Mounting Project Planning in Hours!

Helios 3D is a premier design software for utility scale PV solar systems for both ground and roof areas. This two-part software consists of database management paired with an AutoCAD-based drafting interface which can automatically place 3-dimensional solar racking in a 3-dimensional space.

Leica DISTO E7400x – one of four models offered by Schletter

Through its SQL database framework, Helios 3D supports:

  • Project Development and Project Layout with stored racking systems and modules
  • Project Engineering with bill of materials and post coordinates
  • Evaluation and Documentation with storage for Excel© and Word© documents as well as PDF and DWG files

With state of the art functions, Helios 3D surpasses all other PV layout tools on the market:

  • Automatically calculated rack placement
  • Shadow object calculation at any time and day of the year
  • Terrain analysis and calculation of earth movement possible through Civil 3D
  • Field alignment and layout with row distance specification and row numbering
  • Many more!

Using a Digital Terrain model, projects sites can be evaluated before valuable time is wasted in planning and construction:

  • Create a Digital Terrain Model using data from Google Earth, USGS, Surveyors Data File Report, or AutoCAD files with points and contours
  • Rapidly assess any particular tract of land to determine its suitability for the proposed project
  • Save time and money in planning and construction by recognizing terrain constraints in initial analysis

New Electrical Design Upgrade!

  • Create custom electrical device hierarchies
  • Create string assignments
  • Design cable trenching and apply it to the physical rack layout
  • Determine equipment quantities and cable lengths

Software Support

Schletter will provide Helios 3D pricing as well as training upon request. Email info.us@schletter-group.com for more information.

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